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Fund a Well Rehab

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Price: $3,140.00

Well Rehabilitation (rehab)

Clean water well rehabA well, often called a borehole in Sudan, is a vertical excavation in the ground created by boring or drilling a hole, from 4.5 inches up to 8 inches in diameter to access groundwater from an underlying aquifer. The water from the aquifer is lifted to the surface by attaching a hand pump to the well.

With most wells, the hand pump typically is the weakest component of the water point. This is most often the case in areas where scarce drinking water results in the overuse and resulting damage of existing pumps. When a hand pump fails, it becomes a disaster for the entire community which has come to rely on the well’s clean, safe water supply.  Those now familiar with the benefits of drinking clean water are forced to return to their old, unsafe water sources. While the rehabilitation of a specific well depends upon the exact cause of the well’s malfunction, it is most often achieved by the replacement of the pump head, cylinder, pipes and rods. Typically, the platform on which the well sits is also in need of repair.  A fully-restored well can serve a community of 500 people (83 families) with safe drinking water. This is 15 liters/per person/per day.

Well rehab cost break down

1 Hand pump materials     2,038
1.1 India Mark II hand pump 1 Set 4,500 4,500 1,500
1.2 Cement 4 50 Kg Bag 65 260 87
1.3 Gravel (12 mm size) 1 Ton  500 500 167
1.4 Stones 1 Ton 300 300 100
1.5 Sand 2 Ton 250 500 167
1.6 Wire mesh 1 Sheet 50 50 17
1.7 Binding wire 0.5 Kg 5 3 1
2 Transport/labor costs   667
2.1 Transport of staff and materials 1 1,000 1,000 333
2.2 Salaries for field team 1 1,000 1,000 333
3 Logistics & procurement costs Juba 1 700 700 233
4 Clean Water Alliance operations   608 203
  TOTAL       9,421(SSP) $3,140

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You can find additional documentation on Well Rehabs by visiting the IAS Clean Water Alliance resource page.