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About the IAS Clean Water Alliance

About the IAS Clean Water AllianceThe IAS Clean Water Alliance is a consortium of individuals, churches, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and businesses who share a common goal – the desire to see universal access to clean, safe water.  There are no membership fees or dues required when joining the Alliance, just a commitment by you or your business or organization to do your part in promoting the cause of clean water for the developing world.

About the IAS Clean Water AllianceAccording to the United Nations, in 2013 an estimated 770 million people worldwide lacked access to an improved water source. And, 2.5 billion people lacked access to even the most basic sanitation.  The IAS Clean Water Alliance strives not only to make these worldwide needs known, but to offer resources and practical applications to help solve these global problems. Through educational training materials available to members, as well as partnership opportunities for Alliance members’ involvement in water and sanitation projects, the Alliance provides a hands-on platform through which entire communities can engage in the mission of clean water access.

Joining the Alliance is easy.  Simply provide some basic information and you are ready to go.  Once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to a host of water and sanitation-related projects and access to information for you, your company or organization. Perhaps you would like to have individual church members participate in funding the drilling of a well? Or maybe your Boy Scout troop would like to organize a charity drive to provide an animal trough for a well, or a bio-sand filtration system for an African community?  However you envision yourself or your group helping, once you have become an Alliance member, the steps to bringing clean water and sanitation to a community in need are easy.

Simply click the link below in order to join the IAS Clean Water Alliance today!  

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About IAS America

IAS - International Aid Services - AmericaThe International Aid Services America team includes our staff, our board of directors, donors and volunteers like you. IAS’ headquarters in the United States (IAS America) is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois with a branch U.S. office in Pocatello, Idaho. Globally, IAS non-field offices are located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

International Aid Services America is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation based on section 501 (c)(3) of the federal tax code. We exist in order to save lives, promote self-reliance through business development, and restore dignity through human transformation – going beyond relief and development in the world’s most desperate communities. IAS America is supported through individual gifts and foundational grants.

Our vision is to one day see a Godly, transformed society.

With thousands of international partners, every IAS office has its own area of expertise when it comes to fulfilling our organizational mission and vision. With each IAS office playing a unique role in accomplishing our over-arching objectives, by banding together we create capacity that represents an impactful, holistic solution in the fight for poverty alleviation. Operations directed from our U.S. office can be summed up in one, brief statement, “Providing water, transforming lives, and saving communities.” IAS America is the managing partner/coordinator for the IAS Clean Water Alliance.

To find out more about the work of International Aid Services – America, and our three primary sectors of operations, please follow this link.


IAS Clean Water Projects

  1. Bio Sand Filter
  2. Clean Water Well
  3. Pit Latrines
  4. Mini Water Yard
  5. Well Rehab
  6. Animal Troughs